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3 Simple Steps To Detox Your Body


We all live in a highly toxic world, even our own homes are covered in toxins that we may not be aware of. Paints, solvents, wood preservatives, foam formaldehyde in sofas and mattresses, carpets and even bedding are all sources of highly toxic chemicals that can leave us with a variety of symptoms.

These toxins build up in the body and if we do not know how to get rid of them they can cause more complicated illnesses later down the track.

So how do we get rid of toxins in the body?

As mentioned in the previous section exercise should be a regular part of your routine. It will increase blood flow, make you sweat and cause you to breathe more deeply, thus eliminating toxins through your sweat and breath.

Drink Lots of Water
Filtered water is preferred, as tap water is known to contain as many as 500 different chemicals, according to an article by USA Today. If you can find one, use a Reverse Osmosis filter to remove chlorine and fluoride from the water.

You can often find portable Reverse Osmosis machines that can be attached directly to the faucet. Fluoride has been shown to cause calcification in arteries, joints and ligaments and displaces other minerals in the bone, which can lead to a weakening of the bones and fractures, among other things, so it’s best to remove it if possible.

One of the best things I have done is to buy a juicing machine. Not only can you get all the nutrients you need in a format that is easily absorbable by the body, but it gives the digestive system a rest as your body is not trying to digest difficult foods.

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An important note on this is that the juice should be consumed immediately after making it as juice tends to oxidize very quickly, meaning it will lose its nutritious value if you leave it out before drinking.

Try the following juice for a drink that is loaded with vitamins and that will cleanse your system:
1 Orange
1 Apple
1 Kiwi
Handful of grapes
A few strawberries
Peel the orange, apple and kiwi. Put all fruit in juicer and pour into a glass over ice. Enjoy as a morning or afternoon snack or whenever you need a pick-me-up!

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