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Stronger Seniors Training DVD Review: The Best Fitness Solution for Seniors

Senior woman doing chair exercises with light weights in her living room.
As we age, the risk of developing various health issues such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and arthritis increases. Additionally, our balance and walking abilities tend to diminish, significantly raising the danger of falling – a particularly hazardous event for seniors. However, engaging in regular exercise, especially routines that incorporate stretching and strength training, can substantially mitigate these risks. Seniors who stretch regularly can alleviate arthritis pain, while even light strength training can bolster bone and heart health.

For many seniors, the myriad of exercise options available can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s a solution designed specifically for seniors to help them achieve their fitness goals: the Stronger Seniors Training DVD.

Why Choose Stronger Seniors Training DVD?

Senior couple doing seated strength training with dumbbells.

It’s no secret that workouts tailored for younger audiences can be challenging for seniors, often causing more harm than good. Complex and strenuous exercises can injure fragile joints and bones or be so demanding that they deter continued participation. This is where the Stronger Seniors Training DVD shines.

The Stronger Seniors Training DVD offers gentle and manageable workouts specifically crafted for seniors. The exercises are all chair-based, making them accessible to individuals of varying physical capabilities. This ensures that everyone can benefit, regardless of their fitness level.

The program is the brainchild of Ann Pringle Burnell, a reputable instructor at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Ann trains other Certified Personal Trainers on how to work with seniors and is an active member of the National Council on Aging. Her expertise in senior fitness is evident throughout the DVD.

Features of the Stronger Seniors Training DVD

What sets this DVD apart is Ann’s exceptional instructing style. She provides clear, straightforward instructions, making the exercises easy to follow. Ann’s encouraging approach motivates participants to do what they can without overexerting themselves, fostering a supportive environment that encourages consistency.

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Moreover, the program’s participants are seniors themselves. This relatable aspect makes viewers feel more comfortable and capable, as they see peers rather than young, fit individuals who may not understand the challenges seniors face.

What the DVD Covers

The Stronger Seniors Training DVD set includes two discs. The first focuses on a daily stretch training program to enhance flexibility. This program aims to improve mobility and alleviate pain during daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs.

The second DVD centers on strength and balance exercises, featuring three different programs to be spread throughout the week:

  1. Chair Aerobics: These exercises elevate your heart rate, promoting heart health and overall well-being while strengthening various muscle groups.
  2. Weight Training in a Chair: This routine incorporates light weights to build muscle in all major muscle groups, offering significant exercise even with minimal weight.
  3. Balance Exercises: Designed to enhance balance, these exercises help prevent falls and increase confidence in everyday movements.

Pros and Cons of the Stronger Seniors Training DVD


  • Tailored for Seniors: Created by a professional physical trainer specializing in senior fitness.
  • Pain Relief: Can help alleviate back pain and other joint and muscle pains.
  • Easy-to-Follow: Simple instructions that anyone can follow.
  • Relaxed Environment: Calming music and setting, reducing stress and pressure.
  • Chair-Based Exercises: Accessible even to those who need assistance walking.
  • Adaptable Movements: Encourages and explains modifications for specific limitations.
  • Convenient: Exercise from home at your own pace.


  • DVD Player Required: Users need to operate a DVD player.
  • Equipment: Some exercises recommend using dumbbells, which viewers may need to purchase.
  • Suitability: May not be ideal for already active seniors.

>>>”Want to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age? Check out our guide to senior fitness for additional tips and exercises!”

Social Proof

Testimonials/User Reviews:

  1. Testimonial 1: “There are many fitness DVDs out there, often purchased and then found too hard or boring, so interest is lost quickly. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one! The instructor, Ms. Burnell, has a pleasant, encouraging approach. She often reminds you to do what feels good for your body. No pressure here, just a relaxing yet beneficial workout.”
  2. Testimonial 2: “I’ve been so impressed with the gains we’ve all made that I’ve ordered the set for my older sister and the mothers of several close friends.”
  3. Testimonial 3: “Glad I got ‘Stronger Seniors’ for my mom who is about to be 90 years old. She loves the DVD. On the first viewing, she just did 30 minutes. On the second viewing, she did the complete DVD. Great job Ann Pringle Burnell for caring for seniors and for developing this DVD!”
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Where to Buy the Stronger Seniors Training DVD

The best option for purchasing the Stronger Seniors Training DVD set is through Amazon. There, you can find great deals and enjoy hassle-free returns if there’s any problem with the discs. Plus, you might qualify for free shipping, making Amazon a convenient choice for buying Stronger Seniors.


Who is Stronger Seniors for? Anyone looking to get stronger, improve balance, and increase flexibility can benefit from this DVD set. It’s specifically designed for inactive seniors seeking a safe and easy way to work out at home.

What equipment is needed for Stronger Seniors? While you can do the workouts without any additional equipment, dumbbells are recommended for best results. Start with a weight that challenges you after several repetitions, but don’t push yourself too hard initially.

What can Stronger Seniors do for you? Stronger Seniors can improve flexibility, ease joint and muscle pain, and reduce the risk of age-related conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, and arthritis. The weight training helps rebuild muscle lost during the aging process.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on Senior Fitness: Designed specifically for seniors, providing gentle, chair-based exercises.
  • Expert Instruction: Developed by Ann Pringle Burnell, a senior fitness expert.
  • Comprehensive Program: Includes stretching, strength, and balance exercises.
  • Highly Accessible: Suitable for seniors of all fitness levels.

By incorporating the Stronger Seniors Training DVD into their routine, seniors can enjoy a safe and effective way to stay fit and healthy. This program addresses the unique challenges faced by older adults, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their physical health as they age.

External Links

  1. National Institute on Aging – Exercise and Physical Activity
  2. Mayo Clinic – Senior Fitness
  3. Harvard Health Publishing – The Importance of Exercise for Older Adults

>>>”Want to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age? Check out our guide to senior fitness for additional tips and exercises!”

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