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Best Walking Shoes For Seniors


When it comes to finding the perfect walking shoes for seniors, comfort and support are key factors that can make all the difference in a daily stroll. Whether you’re a senior yourself or caring for a loved one, this article will guide you towards the best walking shoes specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults. From advanced cushioning to slip-resistant soles, we’ve got you covered with the top recommendations that will keep you or your loved one walking comfortably and confidently for miles on end.

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Factors to Consider


When selecting walking shoes for seniors, comfort should be the top priority. As we age, our feet can become more sensitive, and it’s important to choose shoes that provide ample cushioning and support. Look for shoes with a cushioned insole that offers superior comfort and helps absorb shock.


Support is crucial in walking shoes for seniors. Look for shoes that offer excellent arch support, as this can help alleviate any discomfort or pain in the feet or lower legs. A shoe with good support can also improve stability and balance, reducing the risk of falls.


Stability is another key factor to consider, especially for seniors who may have balance issues. Look for shoes with a slip-resistant sole, as this provides better traction and reduces the risk of slipping or sliding. Additionally, shoes with a low heel height can improve stability by providing a more stable base.


Flexibility in walking shoes is important to ensure comfort and proper movement. Look for shoes that are flexible enough to allow the foot to move naturally, but still provide enough support and structure to keep the foot stable. A good balance of flexibility and support is essential for optimal comfort and walking efficiency.


Grip is especially important for seniors who may be walking on various types of surfaces, including slippery or uneven terrain. Look for shoes with a rubber sole that offers good traction and grip. This will help prevent slips and falls, providing seniors with added confidence and safety during their walks.


Finding the right fit is crucial for overall comfort and foot health. Measure both feet and choose the size that matches the larger foot. Make sure there is enough space in the toe box for the toes to wiggle, but not too much that the foot slides around inside the shoe. It’s also important to wear the same type of socks that will be worn with the shoes when trying them on, as different socks can affect the fit.


The weight of the shoe can affect comfort and walking efficiency. Look for lightweight walking shoes that won’t weigh you down and make walking feel more laborious. Lightweight shoes are easier to move in and can help reduce fatigue, ensuring a more enjoyable walking experience for seniors.

Features to Look For

Shock absorption

Shock absorption is important for seniors, as it helps to distribute the impact of each step and reduce strain on the joints. Look for shoes with a cushioned insole or midsole that can absorb shock and provide extra comfort.

Arch support

Arch support is crucial for seniors, as flat feet or fallen arches can cause discomfort and affect walking efficiency. Look for shoes with built-in arch support or consider adding custom orthotic inserts for personalized support.

Cushioned insole

A cushioned insole offers additional comfort and support, making walking more enjoyable for seniors. The insole should provide adequate padding and contour to the natural shape of the foot for maximum comfort.

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Wide toe box

A wide toe box allows the toes to spread out naturally and prevents overcrowding. This is especially important for seniors who may have foot conditions such as bunions or hammertoes. A roomier toe box provides more comfort and reduces the risk of developing foot problems.

Slip-resistant sole

A slip-resistant sole is essential for seniors, especially when walking on wet or slippery surfaces. Look for shoes with a rubber sole that offers excellent traction and grip to ensure stability and safety.

Adjustable closure

An adjustable closure, such as Velcro straps or laces, allows for a customized fit and easy on and off. This is particularly important for seniors who may have difficulty bending down or manipulating small buttons or buckles.


Breathable materials, such as mesh or leather with perforations, allow for air circulation and help prevent excessive sweating and odor. Look for shoes that offer good breathability to keep feet cool and dry during long walks.

Removable insole

Shoes with a removable insole allow for easy cleaning and the option to replace the insole with a custom orthotic if needed. This feature provides versatility and allows seniors to customize their shoes for optimal comfort and support.

Low heel height

A low heel height is preferable for seniors, as it provides better stability and reduces the risk of tripping or falls. Look for shoes with a heel height of one inch or less for optimal stability and comfort.

Easy slip-on design

An easy slip-on design eliminates the need for bending or tying shoelaces, making it ideal for seniors with limited mobility or dexterity. Look for shoes with elastic panels or stretchy materials that allow for easy slip-on and a secure fit.

Types of Walking Shoes

Walking shoes

Walking shoes are specifically designed for brisk walking and provide optimal support, cushioning, and stability. They are suitable for seniors who want a dedicated shoe for their daily walks.

Athletic shoes

Athletic shoes, such as running shoes or cross-training shoes, offer excellent support and cushioning for walking. These shoes are designed for enhanced performance and durability, making them a great choice for seniors with an active lifestyle.


Sneakers are versatile and comfortable shoes that are suitable for various activities, including walking. Look for sneakers with the necessary features and support for walking, such as cushioning, arch support, and a slip-resistant sole.

Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are convenient and easy to wear, especially for seniors with limited mobility or arthritis. They typically feature an elastic or stretchy upper that allows for a snug fit without the need for laces or closures.

Velcro closure shoes

Shoes with Velcro closures are adjustable and easy to put on and take off. They offer a customized fit and are ideal for seniors who have difficulty tying shoelaces or manipulating small closures.

Orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes are specifically designed to provide superior support and comfort for individuals with foot conditions or special needs. They offer features such as extra depth, additional cushioning, and accommodative inserts for customized support.

Walking Shoe Materials


Leather walking shoes offer durability, breathability, and a classic look. They mold to the shape of the foot over time and provide excellent support and comfort.


Mesh walking shoes are lightweight and highly breathable. They allow for good air circulation, keeping the feet cool and dry during walks. Mesh materials are also flexible and conform to the shape of the foot for a comfortable fit.


Synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, are often used in walking shoes for their durability and lightweight properties. They are easy to clean and maintain and offer good breathability.


Canvas walking shoes are lightweight and breathable, making them a popular choice for casual walks. While they may not offer as much support and durability as other materials, they are comfortable and easy to wear.


Suede walking shoes offer a stylish and luxurious look. They are soft and comfortable but may require additional care to protect against stains and water damage.

Rubber sole

Rubber soles provide excellent grip and traction, making them ideal for walking shoes. They are durable, shock-absorbing, and offer good stability and support.

Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

Here are some of the best walking shoes for seniors that combine comfort, support, and style:

1. New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe

New Balance is known for its exceptional walking shoes, and the MW577 is no exception. With its cushioned insole, supportive midsole, and slip-resistant rubber outsole, it provides all-day comfort and stability for seniors.

2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 5 Slip-On Shoe

Skechers’ Go Walk 5 Slip-On Shoe offers a lightweight and flexible design, with a highly cushioned insole and responsive midsole. Its slip-on design with a stretchy upper makes it incredibly easy to wear, perfect for seniors on the go.

3. Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker

Propét’s Stability Walker Sneaker is designed for maximum stability and support. It features a wider toe box, a cushioned insole with arch support, and a rubber outsole for excellent traction. Its adjustable closure ensures a customized fit.

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4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 5 Walker Shoe

ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Walker Shoe offers exceptional comfort and support for women. It features a gel cushioning system that absorbs shock and enhances comfort. The shoe also provides excellent arch support and a durable rubber outsole.

5. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks’ Addiction Walker Walking Shoes are known for their superior support and cushioning. They feature a durable leather upper, a cushioned insole, and a slip-resistant rubber outsole. The shoe provides excellent motion control and stability.

6. Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Slip-On Sneaker

Easy Spirit’s Traveltime Slip-On Sneaker offers all-day comfort and convenience. It features a cushioned insole, a lightweight design, and a slip-on style with a stretchy upper. The shoe is perfect for seniors who prioritize ease of wear.

7. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Sneaker

Saucony’s Grid Omni Walker Sneaker combines stability and cushioning for optimal comfort. It features a cushioned insole with arch support, a durable leather upper, and a slip-resistant rubber outsole. The shoe provides excellent traction and support.

8. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

Vionic’s Walker Classic Shoes offer exceptional support and stability. They feature a podiatrist-designed footbed, a shock-absorbing midsole, and a durable rubber outsole. The shoe is suitable for seniors with foot conditions or special needs.

9. Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

Rockport’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe provides maximum comfort and support. It features cushioning in the heel and forefoot, a shock-absorbing midsole, and a slip-resistant rubber outsole. The shoe is perfect for seniors who prioritize comfort.

10. Clarks Women’s Wave Andes Walking Shoe

Clarks’ Wave Andes Walking Shoe offers excellent cushioning and support. It features a removable OrthoLite insole, a lightweight EVA midsole, and a durable rubber outsole. The shoe provides exceptional shock absorption and all-day comfort.

Shoe Brands for Seniors

Some top shoe brands that cater to the needs of seniors include:

New Balance

New Balance is known for its wide range of walking shoes that provide superior comfort, stability, and support.


Skechers offers a variety of walking shoes with innovative designs, cushioning, and flexibility, making them ideal for seniors.


Propét specializes in comfortable and supportive walking shoes for seniors, with features like adjustable closures and wider widths.


ASICS offers walking shoes with advanced cushioning and support technologies, ensuring comfort and stability for seniors.


Brooks is renowned for its high-quality walking shoes that provide excellent support and cushioning for seniors.

Easy Spirit

Easy Spirit offers a wide range of comfortable and stylish walking shoes designed specifically for seniors.


Saucony manufactures walking shoes that combine performance and support, ensuring a comfortable walking experience for seniors.


Vionic specializes in supportive walking shoes with podiatrist-designed footbeds for individuals with foot conditions or special needs.


Rockport offers walking shoes that prioritize comfort with features like cushioning, shock absorption, and adjustable closures.


Clarks provides walking shoes that combine style and comfort, with features like removable insoles and lightweight materials.

Where to Buy

Walking shoes for seniors can be purchased from various sources, including:

Brick-and-mortar shoe stores

Local shoe stores often carry a selection of walking shoes for seniors. It’s recommended to visit a specialty shoe store or a store with knowledgeable staff who can assist in finding the right fit and style.

Online retailers

Online retailers, such as Amazon, Zappos, or the official websites of shoe brands, offer a wide selection of walking shoes for seniors. Online shopping provides convenience and the option to compare prices and read customer reviews before making a purchase.

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Tips for Finding the Right Fit

When shopping for walking shoes, consider the following tips to find the perfect fit:

Measure both feet

Feet can change in size and shape over time, so it’s essential to measure both feet to ensure an accurate fit. Sizes can vary between different shoe brands, so use the measurements as a guide.

Try shoes on in the afternoon

Feet tend to swell throughout the day, so it’s best to try on shoes in the afternoon when feet are at their largest. This ensures a more accurate fit.

Wear the same type of socks

When trying on walking shoes, wear the same type of socks that will be worn during walks. Different socks can affect the fit and comfort of the shoes.

Allow enough space for toes to wiggle

Ensure there is enough space in the toe box for the toes to wiggle comfortably. The shoes should provide ample room without being too loose or too snug.

Walk around and assess comfort

Take the time to walk around in the shoes and assess their comfort and fit. Pay attention to any areas of pressure or discomfort, as this could indicate that the shoes are not the right fit.

Consider consulting with a professional

If you have specific foot conditions or concerns, it may be beneficial to consult with a podiatrist or footwear specialist. They can provide expert advice and recommend shoes that are tailored to your needs.


Choosing the right walking shoes is crucial for seniors to maintain comfort and mobility. Consider the factors of comfort, support, stability, flexibility, grip, fit, and weight when selecting shoes. Look for features such as shock absorption, arch support, cushioned insoles, wide toe boxes, slip-resistant soles, adjustable closures, breathability, removable insoles, low heel height, and easy slip-on designs. Explore different types of walking shoes, such as walking shoes, athletic shoes, sneakers, slip-on shoes, Velcro closure shoes, and orthopedic shoes. Take into account the materials used, such as leather, mesh, synthetic, canvas, suede, and rubber sole. The top shoe brands for seniors include New Balance, Skechers, Propét, ASICS, Brooks, Easy Spirit, Saucony, Vionic, Rockport, and Clarks. Consider purchasing from brick-and-mortar shoe stores or online retailers. Remember to measure both feet, try shoes on in the afternoon, wear the same type of socks, and allow enough toe room. Walk around to assess comfort and consult with a professional if needed. Investing in quality walking shoes can greatly improve comfort and mobility for seniors. With the right pair of walking shoes, seniors can continue to enjoy their walks with confidence and support.

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