Stronger Seniors Training DVD Review


As we age, our susceptibility to various health conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and arthritis increases. Additionally, it becomes harder to maintain balance and mobility, raising the risk of falls, which can be particularly severe in later years. Engaging in regular exercises that include stretching and strength training can significantly mitigate these risks. For those looking to enhance their health through exercise, the Stronger Seniors Training DVD offers a tailored solution to meet fitness goals.

Why Choose the Stronger Seniors Training DVD?

Standard exercise routines often cater to younger audiences and may pose risks to seniors, such as injuries to weakened joints or bones, or simply being too challenging, leading to discouragement. The Stronger Seniors Training DVD addresses these challenges by providing gentle, accessible workouts designed specifically for older adults. Every exercise is doable from a chair, ensuring that individuals of all physical abilities can participate.

Creator’s Background: Ann Pringle Burnell, the creator of this program, is a respected instructor at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and a trainer of Certified Personal Trainers on senior fitness. Her role on the National Council on Aging further validates her expertise in senior exercise routines.

Unique Features: What sets this DVD apart is Ann’s clear, encouraging instruction style, which allows participants to work at their own pace. The presence of actual seniors in the exercise videos also enhances relatability and comfort for viewers.

DVD Content Overview

DVD 1: Focuses on daily stretch training to boost flexibility and mobility, aiding in everyday activities like walking and stair climbing.

DVD 2: Contains strength and balance exercises spread across three programs:

  • Chair Aerobics: Enhances cardiovascular health and muscle strength.
  • Weight Training in a Chair: Utilizes light weights to build muscle across major muscle groups.
  • Balance Exercises: Aims to improve stability and prevent falls.

Advantages of Stronger Seniors

  • Specifically designed for senior citizens by a professional trainer.
  • Helps alleviate muscle and joint pain.
  • Includes simple instructions with a calming workout environment.
  • Allows for exercise from the comfort of home, accommodating those with mobility limitations.
  • Offers modified movements for various physical conditions.


  • Requires the ability to operate a DVD player.
  • Some exercises suggest using dumbbells, which may need to be purchased.
  • May not be challenging enough for already active seniors.

User Feedback

Users have praised the DVD for its approachable and beneficial workouts. Many have shared stories of improved fitness and well-being, making this DVD a recommended choice for friends and family members.

Purchase Information

The DVD set is available on Amazon, offering a great deal with options for easy returns and free shipping, enhancing the purchasing convenience for buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should use the Stronger Seniors DVD? It’s ideal for inactive seniors wanting a safe and effective way to exercise at home.
  • What equipment is needed? While most exercises can be done without additional equipment, dumbbells are recommended for optimal results.
  • Benefits of Stronger Seniors? It improves flexibility, reduces joint and muscle pain, and decreases the risk of age-related health issues while helping to rebuild muscle lost with aging.

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